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Tummy Time Tips

I was just hanging out with my friend and her baby and discussing tummy time, so I thought I’d share. (We talked about other stuff too. We’re interesting people. Really.) … Continue reading

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Coming to Stay

A couple weeks ago we chatted about where all your new baby’s out of town fans should stay during their visit. (Short version: probably not with you.) Let’s back up a step … Continue reading

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Get to Know Your Car Seat

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting four newborns in the last two weeks – crazy baby boom! – and car seats and their quirks have come up in conversation. Most … Continue reading

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Sleep Help

OK, here’s me at eight months pregnant: “I’m not going to go nuts getting my baby on a fixed schedule: we’re social, we travel, and I want her to know … Continue reading

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Somewhere (Else) To Lay Their Heads

Your baby will be very popular. Trust me. Grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends will want to come and meet your new bundle. This can be wonderful. … Continue reading

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What Your Baby Will Wear: Nighttime

If you’re already clear on this, go ahead and skip this post. I thought I was but then, after I looked at the stack of onesies, pajamas, swaddling blankets, Velcro … Continue reading

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The Dream Feed

I found out about this when Astrid was about three months old and, man, did I wish I’d known sooner. So if you didn’t know about this already, here’s my … Continue reading

March 17, 2012 · 1 Comment

Cookies For the Pregnant Mama! (San Francisco)

Actually this tip is for pretty much everyone who lives in San Francisco. But especially pregnant mamas. You need some cookies, some happy sweet cookies. You need Anthony’s cookies, to … Continue reading

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Shopping: Bloomingdales

I have one word for you: pajamas. I have two more: ten dollars. At Bloomingdales. I know: I couldn’t believe it either. Like the New Yorker I am, I love … Continue reading

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Shopping: Macy’s

OK, so let’s be clear up front: I hate going into department stores. I appreciate that they’ve clumped everything together in one place for me, but, man alive do they … Continue reading

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What the $)(! is up with all the blankets anyway?

Bottom line necessities:  1 sturdy, warm blanket for warmth and floor time. 2-4 lightweight inexpensive blankets (muslin or flannel) for general use (shade, clean-up, having in your bag for whatever … Continue reading

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Swaddling Options

Bottom Line: As a minimalist who does laundry frequently, you won’t need more than four of all of the swaddling options. (I know laundry doesn’t sound fun, but you will only … Continue reading

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Tip: Call Ahead

If you’re not already in the habit of calling ahead to stores to confirm that they have what you’re going for, now’s the time to add it to your 2012 … Continue reading

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Things You Do Not Need To Worry About Right Now: Preschool

Just stop it. Really. You do NOT need to worry about where your unborn baby is going to go to preschool. Even if you live in New York or San … Continue reading

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Bath Thermometer

OK, so seriously: you do not need a bath thermometer. Unless, of course, your hands and arms are coated with asbestos from that incident at the power plant that one … Continue reading

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OK, so yeah, I knew the lyrics to, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” before Astrid was born, but my repertoire beyond that was pretty slim. It’s been a few years since … Continue reading

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Ah, the whole question of feeding that soon-to-be baby! The shelves of books on breastfeeding. The reams of research on breast being best. The totally foreign concept of your “twins” … Continue reading

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Parents’ Groups: San Francisco

I just – finally – pulled together a list of San Francisco parents’ groups for some pregnant friends of ours, so I thought I’d share the information for those of … Continue reading

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Budget: Clothes

I was chatting with a newly pregnant friend the other day and discussing the overall costs of new babies and what you can borrow rather than buy. Clothes came up … Continue reading

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Things You Might Want to Start Worrying About Now: Wills and Insurance

Having a baby can get in the way of establishing your rock-solid legacy as the next Steve Jobs or most-doughnuts-eaten-in-a-single-seating queen, but it is time to get serious about some … Continue reading

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Things You Do Not Need to Worry About Right Now: Solid Food

High chair Utensils and Peter Rabbit plates and sippy cups Babyproofing I’m just mentioning this because I’ve had a couple of conversations recently with expectant parents in which a few … Continue reading

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When I was pregnant with Astrid, I signed up for weekly emails from Fit Pregnancy that updated me on the baby’s development and size. Increasingly, towards the end of the … Continue reading

August 31, 2011 · 1 Comment

To Move or Not to Move?

When I got pregnant, Ramon and I were living in a studio apartment that we loved but which had been much too small for us from the day I moved … Continue reading

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A Word on Toys

I bought Astrid a 1970’s Fisher-Price record player music box on eBay when she was three months old. I loved that record player when I was six, how could she … Continue reading

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Car Seats: Installing

See also Car Seats: Overview and Car Seats: Buying The NHTSB and it seems like every other organization in California, from the CA Highway Patrol to our childbirth class instructor, stresses having … Continue reading

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You’re Pregnant!

Hooray! Congratulations you! Nice work. Now what? Once I’d taken three pregnancy tests to confirm, my next plan was to call my obstetrician. I figured I’d go in that week, … Continue reading

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Car Seats: Overview

You probably know this, but you need a car seat. It’s how your baby will travel in the car at all times. Ignore your Aunt Martha who said she drove … Continue reading

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You’re Pregnant! What to Drink (Or Not)

So you’re pregnant and waiting to see your doctor. Along with what you should avoid eating, there are some guidelines for your liquid intake as well. We’re really talking about … Continue reading

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You’re Pregnant! What Not to Eat

You’re pregnant but won’t be going in for your first OB appointment for a week or two (or four!) While you wait, what should you stop eating in deference to … Continue reading

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You’re Pregnant! What Medications Can I Take?

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant but won’t see your doctor for a few weeks: what medications can you keep taking in the meantime? Prescription medications. I know you read, … Continue reading

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You’re Pregnant! What to Read

Right at first, it’s hard to know where to turn for answers. Over the course of your pregnancy and your baby’s early life, you’ll get a lot of recommendations and … Continue reading

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Minimalist Mama Beginnings: Baby Registry Spreadsheet

Minimalist Mama started as a spreadsheet. For the whole story, check out the About page. Short version: Astrid is our first baby and when I looked around to see what … Continue reading

July 8, 2011 · 1 Comment

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