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Shopping: Macy’s

OK, so let’s be clear up front: I hate going into department stores. I appreciate that they’ve clumped everything together in one place for me, but, man alive do they give me a headache. Especially Macy’s. There is just too much stuff crowded all up on itself, plus it feels like the staff was hired back when department stores were cool in 1953. They’re well-informed but sooooo slow. And not cheerful slow either. God, I hate it in there.

There are two things that will get me into Macy’s though: pillows (really, their sales are ridiculous) and onesies. Macy’s sells Carter’s plain and patterned onesies (or bodysuits or whatever we’re calling them) for less than anywhere else, including on Carter’s own site, usually $16 for four.

Yes, I bought Astrid some super cute individual onesies with adorable patterns, but for underneath all her outfits + for everyday wear, you’re going to want a stack of plain, inexpensive but still warm onesies and Carter’s is your friend here. (Gerber’s are out there in the plain-onesie space too but, in my opinion, they fit oddly and the cotton is much thinner.)

Babies R Us and Target also carry the Carter’s four-packs of onesies, but they’re usually $20-$22 or unavailable, so unless you have coupons or there’s a sale, hit Macy’s instead and stock up. Trust me: I got hooked on the Carter’s onesies and did a fair amount of checking and re-checking while at Target and Babies R Us and it’s a frustrating experience. Babies R Us usually only has the white ones in-store, so to get their sale prices and the patterned ones, you have to pay shipping. Target’s prices are good, but their in-store stock is all over the place so, unless you get lucky, you’re paying shipping there too.

So just schlep over to Macy’s and buy two sets of four in every size and you’ll be set for the next year (or two). Just make sure you take some sedatives ahead of time though because if you think the housewares floor is claustrophobic and irritating, just wait until you see the baby department.

(Hold off on the sedatives if you’re still breastfeeding though. Seriously.)

While you’re there, take a quick look at their First Impressions section of the baby department and see if they have any jersey blankets or good pajamas. It’s their house brand and the patterns and designs are usually more tasteful and subtle than the Vegas explosion going on on the rest of the floor.

Oh – and pick me up some pillows while you’re there, would you?

Note: Carter’s, kind of inexplicably, makes three lines of baby bodysuits, one labeled (logically) “Carter’s” and one called “Just One You” or, I thought, “Year.” Or “JOY” as Target will sometimes call it, and one called “Precious Firsts.” It’s confusing, but don’t worry about it: it’s all the same stuff – same quality, same company. 


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This entry was posted on March 5, 2012 by in Clothing and Shoes, Essentials, Places to Shop, Tips and Overviews for Expectant Parents.

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