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You’re Pregnant!

Hooray! Congratulations you! Nice work.

Now what?

Once I’d taken three pregnancy tests to confirm, my next plan was to call my obstetrician. I figured I’d go in that week, re-re-re-confirm the pregnancy and she would lay it all out for me from there.

Well, actually my plan was to have that glass of wine I’d poured myself before we took the tests because, really, what was the harm since I’d been sending a nice New Zealand sauvignon blanc my baby’s way for five weeks already unbeknownst to me?

I called my doctor’s office the next morning. My OB’s receptionist was very calm – didn’t she realize this was life-changing news?? – and set up an appointment for me to see the doctor at the nine-week mark. What the #$#&! was I supposed to do for the next four weeks?? Shouldn’t I move into a bubble of some sort? Besides stopping drinking and avoiding taking up heroin or hang gliding, I wasn’t clear on what to do.

I rang the nurse on-call repeatedly during those weeks with my questions, and she was fantastic. I’m sure you’ll do the same and you should: never feel sheepish about asking any question that will make you feel safer or calmer.

Based on those exciting and odd first weeks of pregnancy, here’s a brief round-up of what I learned that might help you as well.

What to Read 

What Not to Eat

What to Drink (Or Not)

What Medications Can I Take?

Oh and here are the quickies:

Smoking. Don’t.

Heroin/Crack/Other Street Drugs. Um, yeah, no.

Prenatal vitamins. Do.

(Aside from that nice folic acid helping prevent spina bifida, now there’s a new study out suggesting that taking prenatal vitamins pre-conception and early in pregnancy has some TBD tie to reduced risk of autism. So if you’re not already taking them for your general health and well-being (and to offset your all-cheesecake pregnancy diet), start now!)


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