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Things You Do Not Need to Worry About Right Now: Solid Food

  1. High chair
  2. Utensils and Peter Rabbit plates and sippy cups
  3. Babyproofing
I’m just mentioning this because I’ve had a couple of conversations recently with expectant parents in which a few things you won’t need for some time were mentioned. The list of things you do need for an infant is anxiety-producing enough. Leave tomorrow for tomorrow!

If you can borrow a swank high chair from a friend while they’re in the giving mood, go for it, but it’s going to be in the basement for several months after baby arrives, so just make sure you have the storage space for it.

Food? Any kind of solids? Six months old. Or four, if you want to be aggressive or your pediatrician says you should. Or you just love pureeing food. Whichever. So no need for cute plates or cups or what not on your registry or shopping list.

Babyproofing especially comes up a lot. Keep in mind that you baby will stay where you put him until he can scoot or crawl, which probably won’t be until he’s about six months old. (Beware rolling off beds before that!)

Sure, yes, it’s a good idea to think through some furniture rearrangement while you’re sorting out a nursery space, and, yup, that glass-top coffee table you nail your shins on on the way to the bathroom in the dark will also not be a good friend to your new baby. “Have that removed!” But no, you don’t need to research the babyproofing market while you’re pregnant and you certainly don’t need to Super Glue all your cupboard doors shut to protect your immobile infant from the Windex (and, on a bad day, yourself  – or is that just me? Hello?)

If you must, ,make a mental (or literal) note as you see things you will need to cement to the wall later, but don’t go nuts. It’s not a “day the baby comes home” thing. Really.

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This entry was posted on October 14, 2011 by in Tips and Overviews for Expectant Parents.

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