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Shopping: Bloomingdales

I have one word for you: pajamas. I have two more: ten dollars. At Bloomingdales. I know: I couldn’t believe it either. Like the New Yorker I am, I love Bloomingdales, but I don’t expect my affection to be returned inexpensively.

My wonderful aunt brought Astrid a set of footie pajamas and, I can’t remember why, but I needed to exchange them. I headed down to the Bloomingdales baby department (yes, they have one at the much-smaller-than-New-York’s-and-not-nearly-enough-shoes-by-a-long-shot Bloomingdales in San Francisco – it’s in the basement by kitchenware), and discovered a whole little section of $10 all-cotton pajamas for babies. Crazy.

They’re tucked in next to the Burberry and Ralph Lauren $60 pajamas and, in my opinion, for a tiny person who will grow out of them in 20 minutes, these are a much saner investment. A few of the prints aren’t my favorite, but just stick with the ducks and giraffes and your little one will still look tasteful. It’s not like she’ll be wearing them out to a major social event or show up in People’s “Celebrity Babies.” At least I don’t think so. If she will, let me know and I’ll find you some nice togs for that too.

Not available on the Bloomingdales web site, so head into your nearest store.


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