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Cookies For the Pregnant Mama! (San Francisco)

Actually this tip is for pretty much everyone who lives in San Francisco. But especially pregnant mamas. You need some cookies, some happy sweet cookies. You need Anthony’s cookies, to be specific. Because they – and you! – are so #$*(! awesome.

I would not have said cookies were my dessert of choice until I met Anthony’s, but things have changed. I’m in there embarrassingly often. Like twice a week. Anthony knows me. He asks about my family. The staff all say, “Hi,” and know they don’t need to tie up my box or give me a bag. (There’s no point really since I open the box in the car. Or sooner. Like I say: embarrassing. Little bit. Yeah.)

The shop is pretty far down on Valencia (between 25th and 26th) but it’s worth the trip. They have some flavors all the time – chocolate chip, toffee chip, cookies and cream, cinnamon spice – and some  – a subtle German chocolate (with coconut, like the cake), walnut chip, peanut butter – rotate depending on the day. My favorite? Candied pecan chocolate chip, only available Friday – Sunday.

If you’re looking for a more reasonable craving to replace your desire for whole cheesecakes, try Anthony’s. They will, I guarantee it, make you happy. (And you’ll be supporting a local entrepreneur!)

Anthony’s Cookies, 1417 Valencia Street between 25th and 26th, open 7 days 


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This entry was posted on March 12, 2012 by in San Francisco, Tips and Overviews for Expectant Parents.

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