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Petunia Pickle Bottom Layette

In case you haven’t run across the name before, Petunia Pickle Bottom is a company that got famous making pricey diaper bag/backpacks in all kinds of nice prints. Very popular with the celebrity crowd. Some moms love them. I personally found the backpack too heavy + didn’t like that I couldn’t detach the built-in changing pad, but whatever: save that info for when you’re looking for a diaper bag!

The company has branched out from that success and has launched a new layette line which you might want to consider if you’re looking for a kind-of-expensive but not-everyone-has-it gift for a mom-to-be for her baby shower (or, if you’re really generous, at the birth of the baby.)

The best gift options are the Social Set (side-snap bodysuit + hat + pants) and the traditional layette combination of blanket + one-piece pajamas + hat in the Snuggle Set. All pieces are 100% organic cotton, and all patterns and colors are subtle and tasteful. (They also sell dresses and bodysuits individually, but for a shower, I prefer the idea of the set.)

Bonus: if mom doesn’t love it, she can exchange it for another pattern or put it towards one of their bags.

Social Set $44 in one of four color schemes, sizes 0-3 months or 3-6 months (I’d get 3-6, since babies grow so fast!), available at Petunia Pickle or, in San Francisco, at Day One in Laurel Heights

Snuggle Set $60 in one of four color schemes, 0-3 months only, available at Petunia Pickle or, in San Francisco, at Day One in Laurel Heights


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