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Hello Bugs!

As I’ve noted before, babies aren’t into books. Because they can’t see. They’re weird like that. But they can discern black and white shapes and patterns before colors, which is why those Wee Gallery Art Cards are a great crib companion, as are the awkwardly named Wimmer-Ferguson mirror and mobile.

Along those lines, we were given a board book of basic shape outlines (a pony, a button) called White on Black that Astrid was interested in for a while. I never loved it: it was so basic that there wasn’t much charming about it. But whatever – she liked it, albeit not for long.

The other day I came across Hello, Bugs!  which is adorable and much more appealing. Similar deal: basic shapes, black and white for an infant’s developing eyesight, but this time the drawings (all bugs) have some personality. I have no idea if the addition of some shiny gold to the b/w repertoire totally ruins the whole developmental principle, but it definitely makes it more appealing for me as the parent! Hello, Vegas bugs!

Hello, Bugs! by Smiriti Prasadam, $5.95 at Amazon. Also: Hello, Animals! same price


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