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Stroller Blankets

Dwell Studio “Stroller Blanket”

After my super-zealous write-up/run-down on blankets, here’s my quick two cents on “stroller blankets.”

There are two types: warm blankets (some with a wind-proof-y side that faces out to protect Junior from the elements), and the sleeping bag kind.

The former is basically just a blanket, so just use a blanket already. Even if you are in a wintery zone, I just can’t see budgeting for a blanket specifically for the stroller – unless you’re Beyonce, of course, in which case, get a gold-plated one. I hear gold is pretty weather-resistant.

The sleeping bag kind makes more sense – it’s made for infant car seats and for sit-up strollers for later. You can tuck little Esmerelda into an all-around fleece experience in her car seat or stroller instead of putting her in there and just covering up her front.

J.J. Cole is the master in this category, but there are others out there. Your stroller might even come with one that clips or zips onto it (like this one for a Bugaboo), so check your brand’s accessories list.

JJCole Original Infant BundleMe, about $40 at Amazon, for infants and for car seats (if you have a car seat/stroller combo)

JJCole Original BundleMe, $40 at Amazon for 1-4 year olds since it’s made for a sit-up stroller, but a good registry item anyway


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