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Giggle and Their “Better Basics”

I love Giggle. They have helpful, knowledgeable staff and beautiful products. Their selection is definitely on the high end of the baby products spending spree, but among the products they carry, their prices are good, so if you’re considering a Sleepi crib or a Bugaboo stroller, definitely buy it from them. Or if you’re just browsing around for the odd Flensted mobile or baby detangling shampoo, they’re your place too. (Don’t look their stuffed animals in the eye though. They have the oddest collection. Those animals look like they might take you out.)

I stop by there occasionally to check on what’s new for the newborn crowd and on today’s visit I checked out their new Better Basics line of clothing and blankets. It’s definitely basic: onesies, side-snap infant Ts, pjs, accessories, blankets and sleepsacks, all in organic cotton, most in bold stripes, some in baby pinks, blues and cream.

Oh – and a $500 crib. Which isn’t a very basics price, if you ask me, but  then again, we got Astrid their $450 Alma mini crib, so clearly I’m OK with some level of splurge. (To be fair to us, our apartment was a studio and we had no space for a proper crib. But still…)

Anyway, back to the clothing. It’s heavyweight cotton and I like the stripes but homie please: $30 for two side-snap T-shirts? Those are Kate Quinn prices and, honestly, her prints are so unbelievably cute, I’m not sure any stripe can compete.

I would, however, consider two things from the Better Basics line, even for the most minimalist mama: the sleepsacks ($29, made by Halo, the big name in sleepsacks) and their receiving blankets (a steep $36 for one). I am a big fan of jersey cotton for baby clothing and gear. It’s very soft and it’s warm without resorting to synthetic fleece (which just feels really hot to me). Jersey blankets are the best for swaddling (because they stretch a little), and I love jersey sleepsacks (over, say, single-ply, light cotton or too-hot fleece). So if you like stripes, are determined to go all-organic, and have a little extra room in the budget for excellent jersey, step on up!

Giggle Better Basics Stripe Receiving Blanket, organic cotton, $36 at or in stores

Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket, organic cotton, in the Better Basics stripe, $29 at or in stores


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