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The Gruffalo: The Movie

We received The Gruffalo as a gift from a lovely neighbor when Astrid was about one. She was too little to stick with the story and it’s only now that she’s almost two that she’s not a little put off by the Gruffalo’s knobbly knees and pointy claws, but it is a great book if your kiddo is either a.) two and up, or b.) a little more aggressive than our Astrid. The rhymes are excellent (which, sadly, isn’t always a given in rhyming childrens’ books), and the lesson that a little mouse can be tricksy enough to be strong and fearsome is great for the little short people who can be intimidated by the world around them.

Over the holiday, some British friends made us aware of the movie that was made by the BBC from the book a couple of years ago. If you love the book, don’t worry: the half hour film is both new and faithful to the original. The Gruffalo’s Child was just released on Christmas this year, so keep an eye out for that stateside soon as well!

The Gruffalo (the book), $7 on Amazon

The Gruffalo (the movie on DVD), $7.49 at Amazon


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