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Nursing stool

OK, so maybe you decided to get a glider/rocker and maybe you didn’t. You still might want to think about getting a nursing stool. No, it’s not something to use in your barn. It’s a foot stool to use while nursing your new baby. Nursing can put you in some odd positions with the baby, you’re doing it many, many times a day, and your body is recovering from carrying the little bundle around for almost ten months, so yeah, you want to optimize for comfort.

I’m not saying this is essential – I didn’t have a glider or a nursing stool and we did fine – but it’s something to know about and keep on your “wait and see” list, especially if you’re skipping the glider and are short. Holding a baby in position for nursing  for half an hour at a time can be challenging for your upper body, yes, but even more so if your feet can’t brace against something solid.

I used the edge of our coffee table. (Please don’t feel bad for our coffee table. It’s functional but looks like it came from that barn, so it wasn’t a downgrade to have my feet on it at all hours of the day. Really. It’s fine.) In retrospect, I kind of wish we’d had the foot stool – it would have allowed me to nurse in locations other than the one chair facing the coffee table. I’m just a little too short to properly brace on the floor. And the floor isn’t angled enough anyway. Not that I would want it to be. That would be weird.

Anyway, keep it in mind if you’re having aches and pains nursing. It’s not a crowded market and they’re not nearly as expensive as a massage or physical therapy if you are having some back issues while breastfeeding, so bookmark it in case you need one.

Kidcraft (adjustable) Nursing Stool or Medela Nursing Stool, both $27 at Amazon


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