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Clothes: H&M

Ah, H&M, emporium of cheap, of-the-moment knock-off clothes! We love you Swedes! Here’s another reason to love them: they make baby clothes. Really, really cute ones too. And now that they’ve expanded beyond New York, you too can have their inexpensive tot togs for your little one.

For babies, they carry basics like onesies/bodysuits in fetching colors like light pink and burnt orange as well as a great selection of sweaters (mostly handy cardigans, some in cotton solids, more in heavier weights and seasonal patterns that I love: not loud but still colorful) and shirts (manly blue stripes for boys, peasant blouses for little girls in flowered prints – on Astrid in the photo). Some of the lighter weight clothes don’t look like the sturdiest – a few hanging threads to snip – but none of the ones I’ve had Astrid in for the last eight months have torn or disintegrated, so they’re tough enough.

A couple of caveats:

  • I haven’t had a lot of luck with their pants: the leggings are a little thin for San Francisco weather and there isn’t a wide selection of other bottoms.
  • Their socks are both synthetic and run small, so those were a no-go for us.
  • Their web site has nothing in their infant section. Well, something: one thing, to be exact. So you can’t buy online and you can’t get a sense of what they carry in-store, but take it from me: the baby clothes are great. Seriously. Go already.

And finally:

  1. Avoid disappointment: call your local H&M before you go to see if they carry baby (or kid) clothes. Not all of them do. (In San Francisco, the store on Powell does – 2nd floor, back corner to the right of the checkout registers – as does the one in the Westfield Center.)
  2. Go and shop to your heart’s delight (and your wallet’s) before Baby is a year old. Their largest baby size is 12-18 months, and then there’s an unfortunate gap. It’s almost impossible to find anything labeled, “18-24 months,” the smallest kid department size is 2-4 years, and the kids department’s buyer hasn’t got the same excellent taste as the baby department’s buyer. Loud colors, big appliques and inconsistent stock are the hallmarks of our local H&M kids department. So enjoy the cozy Nordic-print leggings while your little one is still under 2!

H&M Store Locator, infant and baby clothes from $4.95


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