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Baby Clothes: Tea Collection

OK, so it’s a shopping time of year and minimalist though I may be, I’ve got another item for your Christmas wish list. I don’t recommend getting hooked on Tea Collection clothing any more than I do Kissy Kissy, but it’s nice to have a few tasteful pieces for special occasions, showing off the new baby and taking photos he’ll thank you for later! (And, in the scope of expensive baby clothes, at $30-ish per piece, this is still on the low end of that category.)

Tea Collection is a San Francisco-based company that started making baby clothing a few years ago and now runs all the way up to size 12 (kids) plus has started a women’s line. The clothing is made from heavy cotton that wears and washes really, really well, and the patterns are great. The last couple of seasons have been Mexico/Spain-inspired but the hues are always subtle: plums and indigos and the like. Although I know little ones can pull it off in a way that I can’t, I’m still not a big, bold pattern fan, but I love theirs. More like small, stylish patterns, especially in their infant line.

Astrid looked fetching in one of their pajamas for three or four months last year and still sleeps under one of their super-soft cotton blankets (purchased at their semi-annual sample sale).

Note on their blankets by the way: they’re in the category of larger-than-most + stretchy jersey that I recommend for swaddling, so you might think about investing in one at their post-Christmas sale. And, as I say, once you’re post-swaddle, that large size will work well in the crib for your toddler.

In my experience, the clothing runs a little narrow, so order on the large side. The baby styles largest size is 6-9 months. Of course, their toddler clothes are adorable too, but the bigger they get, the harder it is to find adorable footie pajamas, so now’s the time!

Tea Collection infant clothing (onesies, pajamas, sweaters, tops) in boy and girl colors, $19-$45 at or


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This entry was posted on November 21, 2011 by in all ages, Clothing and Shoes, Places to Shop, Spendy Options.

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