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citikidsSad news for San Francisco parents, Citikids out on Clement Street will be closing its doors soon, leaving a gap in brick and mortar baby shopping in the city. As I understand it, the owners are retiring and a potential buyer fell through, so start planning your final visits now. Citikids has been a mainstay of offline kiddo shopping for many years, and I’m sorry to see them go. I never completely understood their selection process in the shoes, clothing and toy areas, but they have been fantastically comprehensive in their gear department, and it’s the one place in the city where you can go and actually see pretty much every car seat on the market and get detailed installation instruction from experienced staff. They’re also the place where we had our seat installed a couple of times when we couldn’t get on the SFPD schedule. (One of their staff, Ty, does installations on the side for $20 since the store can’t officially put your seat in for you.) If you’re looking for a seat, a pack or any kind of feeding gear from bottles to suction-cup-able plates, go see them before they close.

Thanks, Citikids and we’ll miss you! Here’s hoping a last-minute buyer comes through and rescues the institution!


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This entry was posted on July 1, 2013 by in Places to Shop, San Francisco.

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