Minimalista Mama

Only what you need for your baby. Really. (OK – and some fantastic things you don’t that are pretty cool.)


Welcome to Minimalista Mama new visitors and new BlogHer friends! As my two year old says when we arrive somewhere in the car, “Excited!! Fun!!!” I’m glad you’re here.

How about a cocktail and a quick overview to get y’all started?

You can check out the Minimalista mission over on About Me and Minimalista or dive right in:

: Minimalista Mama Expecting. If you’re expecting a baby, especially if it’s your first child, you might want to start by looking around in the Minimalista Mama Expecting section where you’ll find product reviews (what you actually, really honest to goodness need for baby + what you really don’t) as well as tips for your pregnancy. Or go directly to the spreadsheet that started it all. No photos in there, but you’ll be able to see a sortable list of everything you’ll need to have by the time the baby comes home from the hospital.

: Minimalista Mamas. Browse freely or by your little one’s age or by product type! It’s a well-edited collection of amazing books, toys and tools that will keep your little one entertained (even educated!) with an eye to keeping your home looking like adults with taste live there too. You may not need all the tips that might help expectant parents – you’re a pro! – but theres a little practical advice in there too.

: Minimalista Gifts. For parents, grandparents or anyone needing a baby shower gift, a last-minute birthday idea or just a quick “What’s up?” gift for a minimalista baby or child (or the kid of minimalists!)

Now about that cocktail – meet me up at the bar and I’ll get you all sorted out with something tasty.


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This entry was posted on July 27, 2012 by in News and Links.

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