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Spinning Lights

In honor of our Independence Day, I’d like to suggest a toy that is anything but minimalist and definitely made in China, i.e. very American!

The LED spinner or whatever you call it, available at Michael’s and probably at your local drugstore or Useless Things Under a Dollar shop, is a winner with small children. It’s basically a little wand with lights that spin and fluctuate in the plastic orb. That’s it. Delight in its simplicity. It’s a poor substitute for the fireworks displays that invariably start too late at night for small children, but they won’t know that will they ’cause they’re already asleep!

It will definitely break in the not too distant future, so you aren’t making a commitment to keeping it in your home for long, and they’re not expensive, so you won’t have to feel bad about tossing it when it does. But in the meantime, Baby Louisa will looooove it, and I am not kidding around about that. (Astrid sorted out how to push the button to make it go when she was one-ish, but I have no doubt that babies younger than that will be happy to stare.)

Happy Fourth of July!

LED Spinner, about $5 at Amazon. Probably less at your local Michael’s or drugstore.


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