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With a two year old, bubbles are on the menu every day. They have been for a while. And babies love them too. So stocking up on bubbles, especially novel ones, especially ones that don’t spill, especially ones that are easy for little ones, is a part-time job. Well, OK, less than that, but still.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not crafty (in the arty way or in the guile way. I am a terrible liar. In case you ever need me for a surprise party or to back up your story, just don’t even bother to ask because it will end in someone’s tears. Or just a lot of confusing explanations.) But I had to go to Michael’s for some basics and ran across a huge selection of crazy-cheap bubbles. Who knew a craft shop sold bubbles in the first place??

Regular bubbles, bubbles in tubes with Easter bunnies on the wands, big wand bubbles for the park, and little tubes of those plastic bubbles that you can stack on your finger but which leave a weird residue when they pop. They were, like, $1. Or $2 for the big bottles. Absurd. And way cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen. So go stock up there and no more bubble-hunting or paying Walgreens $7 for some silly little bucket that won’t last the afternoon. You might want to wait a week or so to head out there though: I think I bought all of them.

Michael’s Arts & Crafts, find your local store 


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This entry was posted on April 13, 2012 by in all ages, Toys and Fun.

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