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Pacifier Wipes

Yes, I know: these don’t sound very minimalist. They sound like yet another thing germaphobe mamas pack in their diaper bags. You know the ones: hand sanitizer dispensers installed by the front door and bottles sterilized every day. I am not that mama. I just can’t find the energy for it. But these packs of mini wipes specifically for wiping off dropped pacifiers are always in my diaper bag.

For one thing, the cleanser in them is food grade, so the pacifiers aren’t getting the diaper wipe deoderant on them before they go back in Leonard’s little mouth. For another, they’re small and thin – the exact size you need for wiping off a small pacifier – so you’re not using up your store of on-the-go diaper wipes for a tiny job. I love them. Between these and the lightweight pacifier clips from Booginhead (worst company name ever), your little self-comforting bundle will be all set on the road.

First Years Gumdrops Pacifier Wipes, about $4.50 for one 40-pack on Amazon

And, for the record, I disagree with the negative reviewers on Amazon: yeah, washing with water and dish detergent is preferable and yes, these wipes do have chemicals in them, but these are for when you’re walking through the zoo or buckled into your seat on a plane and you can’t get to a sink. I’d much rather clean a pacifier with chemicals and know I’ve killed the giraffe germs or United Airlines cooties than make an only-ever-natural-ingredients stand while my baby melts down because I refuse to give her her pacifier! In a pinch, yes, chemicals are your friend, people. 


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