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Baby Gifts: A Note on Bedding

Here’s the deal: baby bedding – bumpers, comforters, quilts – is not a good shower gift. I’m sorry to break this to you. I know: that bumper and tiny matching quilt with the giraffes are so, so cute, but there it is. Just don’t do it.

If mom and dad registered for a set, OK, maybe, but I’d rather you picked out something else for them, just in case they come to their senses.

Serena and Lily Leo bumperWhy? Because babies do not sleep under blankets or baby-sized comforters. They sleep in swaddles and, a little later, in zip-up sleep sacks, both of which stay on their fidgety selves better than a blanket and neither of which are considered a suffocation hazard in the crib. Bumpers, no matter how adorable, are also a definite “no” and are listed as suffocation risks by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Mama will not use any of the above for Junior in his bed, so move along down the aisle unless you are OK with your gift going un-used. (Or worse: I’ll admit that I dropped off a couple at Goodwill. We just didn’t have the space to store them and they’d have been too small for our daughter by the time it was safe to use them.)

Receiving blankets? Yes. Swaddling blankets? Yes, please! Soft fitted crib sheets from the baby registry? Hello! A soft fuzzy blanket big enough and tough enough to use on the floor for playtime or in the stroller for a walk? Fine. Not very soft or thick mini quilts that won’t provide much warmth out in the weather or down on the floor? Nope. A full-size quilt that you have no expectation you will see on Baby’s bed until she is at least four? Fine. She will appreciate it then, as will her mom. We have a gorgeous one from my aunt – hand quilted, no less – that could not be more perfect for a little girl’s room. When she’s in a toddler bed, that is. (Please note the emphasis on “full-size” so it will still fit her bed by the time she can use it!)

OK, I’m done. I’m so sorry if you had your heart set on sending a tiny comforter. I know you meant well and just thought it would be wonderful and adorable. But do the right thing and get little Murgatroyd something else wonderful and adorable instead. Really.


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This entry was posted on March 13, 2012 by in Baby Shower, Tips for Gift Buyers.

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