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First Toys: The Teddy Bear (Another One)

OK, so I know I said you don’t need to have your future child’s teddy bear all sorted out and kicking it in the nursery when the baby arrives, and I stand by that statement. But if you were going to go out in search of a classic bear for tiny Clivette and you wanted an all-plush bear instead of the moveable-arms-and-legs one I recommended from the Smithsonian, I think I’ve found your bear.

Melissa & Doug make so many toys these days that no one place stocks all of them, so it’s no wonder this chestnut got lost in the shuffle. And by “chestnut,” I mean, “Chestnut Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal.” He’s 16″ tall, so about the same slightly oversized height of the other bear and he’s approximately the same color. But a.) he has a necktie, and b.) he’s all soft. Myself, I preferred having a bear I could position at the tea table, but I can see the merits of a squishier model for sleeping with and packing along for all occasions.

Anyway, just a thought. If you were holding out for a softer alternative, I hope I’ve ended your search for you! Have a good weekend.

Melissa & Doug Chestnut Teddy Bear, $20 at Melissa &


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This entry was posted on February 24, 2012 by in Nice to Have, Toys and Fun.

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