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Tip for Pacifier Lovers

Some babies won’t take a pacifier. Some suck their thumbs. But some babies love their pacifiers. And some of us parents didn’t follow the sleep training advice to get them off them during sleep training. (I still don’t understand the logic of the recommendation to take away something that soothes them while trying to get them to learn to self-soothe…) Anyway, if, for whatever reason, your little one still takes a pacifier and is in that phase where he wakes up a little (or a lot!) trying to relocate it after it’s fallen out of his mouth, here’s the tip: get a breathable bumper.

No matter how many pacifiers we put within Astrid’s reach in her crib at bedtime, she somehow managed to knock most of them out between the slats of the crib overnight. Imprecise motor skills + darkness = pacifier fumbling. I had my first real conversation with my brilliant friend Lucie at a mom’s group when she leaned over and suggested the breathable bumper as the solution (vs. taking on the daunting task of getting A. off the pacifier completely.) I’m grateful to this day. Spend $20 on a mesh bumper, tuck it most of the way down by the mattress all the way around, and voila! A breathable wall that keeps the pacifiers in the crib!

Thanks, Lucie! You rule!

Breathable Baby Universal Bumper, about $20 at Amazon


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