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High Chairs: Oxo Sprout

I’ve been meaning to post about high chairs for a little while. Since I can’t seem to get it together to write the longer overview of how I decided on ours, lemme just skip over that tale completely and recommend you take a look at Oxo’s new Sprout. I like it enough in theory that I definitely would have considered either a.) buying it for Astrid, or b.) at the very least, coveting it from a distance.

For starters, it looks sleek and like it belongs in an apartment in Stockholm, which is a big selling point for me. Also – key point considering the irritation we’ve had adjusting our otherwise-very-fine Svan – the Sprout’s seat, footrest and tray are all adjustable without tools. Don’t underestimate that feature. Really.

It claims to have a small footprint but seems like it’s about average – they’re all kind of large to my eye – and, even though it doesn’t fold like some of the plastic ones, it’s designed to keep your child at table-level until he’s sitting in a regular chair. That was a criterion in my high chair search and has meant we don’t have to hunt for a booster seat now that Astrid is going tray-less and sitting up at the table with us.

Have a look and let me know if you get one: I’d love to hear your review.

Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair, $249 at Amazon or MoMaStore (It’s probably too new to find used, but give it a go!)


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