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Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is not nearly as nice an introduction to pregnancy as your all-natural Playboy Mansion cleavage. It was much rougher than I thought it would be – and is not even a little bit restricted to the morning! – and that’s coming from someone who’s had some stomach problems over the years.

The good news is that this too shall pass. By Week 14, you will likely be beyond it, so take a deep breath and don’t do what I did, which was go read and then obsess about the poor women who have it for their entire 40 weeks. That is rare. Really rare. Just focus on taking care of yourself and making it to 14 weeks. (You’re welcome for putting those women in your head too!)

My morning sickness hit before my first OB appointment, so I didn’t know what to do about it besides return to the arsenal of ginger ale, Jell-O, Saltines and Swanson’s broth that carried me through previous bouts of nausea and stomach upset. That worked some, but woman cannot live on clear liquids alone (even when you throw in some crackers with them and especially with a baby to grow). When I finally did see my doctor midway through my sentence, she suggested Morning Sickness Magic.

Morning Sickness Magic is an all-natural combination of herbs, and it worked, if not wonders, then well enough that I didn’t feel like I had to lie down all the time, and that was good enough.

Good luck! Feel better!

Offline: Any store that skews healthy, like Whole Foods or your local grocery co-op

Online:  A ton of places, including Amazon and Target

San Francisco: Rainbow Grocery, Natural Resources and Giggle all carry it. 

P.S. I tried Sea Bands as well, as recommended by a lot of places, but they didn’t work for me. If you’re still having issues though, $8 is a small price to pay!


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