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First Blocks

Just as Astrid hit the six and a half month mark, she seemed to lose interest in her previously popular rattles and toys. And a day later I got my weekly baby update from Baby Center telling me babies her age are getting interested in stacking, fitting and rolling toys.

I’d bookmarked some of Taggies‘ products a while ago since I’d heard from a mom friend that babies go through a stage of loving to rub the silky product tags on their toys and blankets. A. had just started up with that, so these blocks from Taggies seemed to hit all the right marks. Each block also has it’s own non-irritating sound – a bell, a rattle, and a crinkly inside. And one of them is silent, so give her that one when you need to settle your nerves:)

They’re a little soft for actual stacking but she’s not quite there yet anyway, and the fact that you can Velcro them together + attach them to a car seat or stroller makes up for that.


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This entry was posted on July 26, 2011 by in 6 - 9 months, Toys and Fun.

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